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Snowplow on the road to town.Pears wearing snow hats.Our house from the trail down to the millpond.On the road that leads to the mill pond, down our hill.The post box at "Number 10"Our house from the other side of the 'holler'.Our close lake, Fatburen (where snowplow is in other photo), is now frozen.Driving home--for a change D is driving and I'm holding my phone.The bridge from the castle grounds to Lökholmen Island.the upper reach of the Baltic, from Lökholmen (Island)Rogue watching the skaters on the Baltic, from Lökholmen Island.On the Lökholmen Island trail.The frozen Baltic Sea."Dad, quick, look up! No, seriously, look up!!!"Derek and Rogue at the very end of the island trail. Frozen Baltic beyond.Our house is over there, on the far right, other side of the hill.Solo contemplates the frozen Baltic, or a patch of it.